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Super simple smartwatch-based solution to care for seniors

Jayanthi Narasimhan
Founder & CEO
Our Story

I am Jayanthi, Founder and CEO of WatchRx.

Few years ago, my mom was ill, and her health was getting worse. She was taking as many as 10 different medications daily, and it was impossible for her to keep up with such a complicated regimen. She was readmitted to the hospital multiple times because she took the wrong medication at the wrong time or just forgot to take it all together. 

Since my mom lives in India, I used to call her daily to remind her to take her medication. I searched for a simple solution that would remind her to take her medication and keep me updated with her status, but I could not find one.

That is why I started WatchRx. Our smartwatch solution helps seniors take their medications on time and gives caregivers a peace of mind. And our remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and health & wellness coaching capabilities helps physicians deliver quality personalized care to their patients.

I invite you to connect with us and learn about our award-winning solution.

Values We Stand By
Our Vision

Our Vision is to help create a community where aging parents with chronic illness can stay healthy, independent with dignity; Create a support system and technology solutions for caregivers where they can get the right help needed to take care of their parents, and family without compromising their career dreams and lead a quality and happy life.

Our Mission

WatchRx is on a mission to help healthcare providers deliver personalized quality care to seniors. With our solution, hospitals and care providers can improve transitional care, reduce readmission and healthcare costs, and grow revenue. 

Our patented AI/ML enabled solution includes a patient-friendly smartwatch, a caregiver app, and an RPM/CCM/TCM platform with automated workflows and care coordination. 

Our predictive analytics system correlates vitals data, medication adherence, and self-reported data, including food & nutrition. The RPM platform and the accompanying smartphone app, enable physicians, caregivers, and nurses to receive actionable alerts and continuously deliver coordinated care.


Jayanthi Narasimhan

Founder & CEO

Alex Diaz

Chief Operating Officer

Sudhir Sharma

Chief Marketing Officer

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